Subjective and objective?

Blinded by the sun, they no longer see the moon, and the stars appear to us a distant memory.

when stones speak

of a power that binds

a building or a hierarchy

that permits a mountain to exist

a configuration of landforms

a configuration dreamed by men

in the exchange of money

a hierarchy…

configurations floating in the wind

like snowflakes in the night.

tobacco like hair

one strand at a time

a long way coming

seeing new horizons appear

purifying ether

starting, meditating

pyramidal composition, mind

living situation, understanding

clean and creative

a polarity becoming

building new worlds.

where the mass accumulates

the wave passes, like a loud noise

but outside of sound.

down to up

and side to side, the

pressure mounts in and out

like light but unseen.

who can unriddle a riddle?

A self-organizing intelligence, interacting through every creature on earth.

How to unite with that which looks at with you with disunity?